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Without disrespect for anyone, but I am convinced that Cristiano is the best player I have coached in my entire career.
He’s one of the most professional players I know, he’s very serious about his work.
One thing that might have changed in recent years, is that Cristiano can now fully identify himself with the shirt he wears. He’s a complete leader who doesn’t speak much, but shows it through his hard work and amazing performances.
Carlo Ancelotti (Sep 30, 2014)

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weloveyoucristiano7 asked:

what is the worldxl? that voting thing do each person in the teams vote for one person? please explain. sorry! I really appreciate you answering all my questions so thank you. you're amazing

The FIFPro World XI is chosen by over 50,000 professional football players from all over the world, who vote for the best player in each position. The players are asked to pick their World XI, containing one goalkeeper, four defenders, three midfielders and three forwards.

The ideal team will be announced next January at the FIFA Ballon d’ Or Gala.

rezzzman asked:

How do you know he dated a girl in sporting academy? Do you know who she was? And who was his girlfriend in Manchester who taught him English? You don't believe the rumors that Kim Kardashian and him got together, right?

"The Sun" published about the girlfriend in Sporting, I think it was in 2008. He talked about the english girlfriend in an interview in 2009. About KK, with Cristiano it’s all possible… there were some rumors but I don’t think it was a serious thing.

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